FNATIC To Obtain The Company New Major Jersey Supporter.

For the securing of the key front-of-jersey relationship which is open on the market for the first time in 3 years, SPORTFIVE has been named as an exclusive agent of Fnatic’ sports franchise. Via this relationship, Fnatic is using the foreign distribution strengths and expertise of SPORTFIVE to bind brands around the globe สล็อต ไทย, making it the perfect key jersey sponsor for the franchise in terms of history, brand-fit and company. The huge advantage of networking and collaborating with Fnatic’s 20 million followers across all networks would be gained for a potential collaborator.

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Collaboration made 

Fnatic is one of the world’s leading and most successful sports companies https://www.sacino88.com/th/th-th/product/slot. Founded in 2004 and based in London, Fnatic is participating in the League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG Mobile, Counter-Strike Gaming Championships: Global Offensive, Fortnite and FIFA. Fnatic and SPORTFIVE have successfully partnered with VPN brand HMA, online payment service Klarna, as well as the Chinese electronics giant Hisense over the past 18 months in forming and facilitating new collaborations. Both sides are now working together to sell one of the premium sports properties with its broad array of ownership, content opportunities and unparalleled expertise.

Benefits of fnatic

In addition, this relationship benefits Fnatic by fueling SPORTFIVE’s rapidly accelerating power and network of sports, e.g. the development, in August 2020, of the Global Sports Business Agency and the recently acquired rocket builder SPORTFIVE’s acquisition of sports consultancy and activation agency.

Fnatic is delighted to work with SPORTFIVE and to expand further our activity in the sports ecosystem, by making them our most sought after global asset. Glen Calvert, the Fnatics COO comments. After a fruitful relationship with OnePlus, we have made the coveted front of the jersey open to all of our teams.

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Market partnership

In esports, Fnatic has an incomparable legacy and brand role, which is valuable to us and the expertise of SPORTFIVE with an established track record is to identify the partner we can better represent the value we offer to brands. We look forward to working together innovatively to form sports and brand relationships.

Fnatic is one of the world’s most thinking and democratic rights-holders and is fortunate to have the chance to sell their biggest Front-of-Jersey relationship,” adds Lee Goldwater, Senior Vice President, Sales SPORTFIVE.

Fnatic audiences are extremely involved and the opportunity for a company, with the influence of the Fnatic brand network to relate innovatively to this enthusiastic group of fans provides a rare opportunity for marketing. Our collaboration with Fnatic builds on the momentum of regularly providing its teams with new partners by opening up our international distribution network and shaping imaginative and innovative relationships capable of offering enormous benefit for both sides. We are looking forward to building on that.


sought-after and innovative partnership opportunities available in the sport and media landscape – this appointment delivers on exactly that. Fnatic provides brands a significant, interconnected and trustworthy connection with the increasingly difficult to access thousand years and genes. Fnatic has something that few organisations can provide, a genuinely national sport, media and entertainment outlet. We could not be proud to work with Fnatic and to offer our present and future customers this chance, along with our dedication to being the most valued and trusted sports agency in the world”


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